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Buying your first home is an exciting step, but it comes with many questions and a lot of uncertainty. It’s never been more difficult to achieve the dream of homeownership, which is why it’s important to have a financial professional on your side. We can calculate how much deposit you’ll need, how much you can afford to borrow, and how much your monthly repayments will be.

Our mortgage brokers will support you throughout the whole process from start to finish. We'll negotiate with banks on your behalf, recommend a suitable loan, suggest a potential first home buyers loan, and fully complete your application from submission to settlement. As your first time buyer mortgage, it's our job to do the hard work, so you can focus on finding the perfect home.

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How much deposit do you need?

Saving a large enough deposit can be difficult for first-time home buyers, as most banks require at least 5% of the property’s value as a deposit. There are also additional costs; you may have to pay stamp duty, acquire insurance and settle other lender fees.

When you speak with one of our mortgage brokers, they’ll advise exactly how much deposit you’ll need and explain any additional costs involved. We also have access to a bank that only requires buyers to have a 2% deposit, which is a great option for first home buyers struggling to save the standard 5%.

How much can you borrow?

Before you start making offers on properties, you need to know how much the banks are willing to lend you. Your borrowing power as a first-home buyer is dependent on many factors, such as income, existing debts, living expenses, credit score, and employment.

Our team will take the time to understand your financial situation and calculate exactly how much you can afford to borrow. We can also recommend different ways to increase your borrowing capacity if needed.

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Should you apply for a home loan pre-approval?

If you’re looking to buy your first property sometime soon, it’s highly recommended to apply for a pre-approval. A pre-approval is a written confirmation from a bank stating how much money they are willing to lend you.

Pre-approvals help you understand your budget, boost your confidence, and give you power when negotiating a property purchase. We always ensure the process is as fast as possible, so you can start putting in offers on properties sooner.

Government Grants

With all the different government grants available for first-time home buyers like you, it’s hard to keep track and know which ones you’re eligible for. Government incentives allow any eligible Australian citizen to buy their home much sooner and make the home-buying process more affordable. But what are the eligibility criteria for each grant or incentive? This is where we step in.

Once you speak with our team, they’ll get to know your situation and advise which first-home owner grants you’re potentially eligible for and then help you apply for them.

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Benefits of Choosing Deltos Finance

Deltos Finance provides comprehensive financing solutions tailored for first home buyers, aiming to simplify the journey towards owning your dream home.

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We do the hard work

Our brokers will save you time and effort. We shortlist the best lenders who can approve your loan as a first home buyer, and fully complete your application from submission to settlement.


Power to negotiate

We can negotiate better home loan terms on your behalf. We frequently get lenders to waive certain fees and charges or reduce their advertised interest rates.

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Guidance and support

Whether you’re eyeing a vacant land or a house and land package, buying a new property can be stressful. Our team of friendly home loan experts will guide you through the whole process and help educate you on anything you’re unsure of.

Mortgage Broker First Home Buyer

As a first-time home buyer, partnering with a mortgage broker from Deltos Finance can provide you with the personalized guidance and expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of securing the best mortgages for your unique situation.

Mortgage Broker First Home Buyer

As a first-time home buyer, partnering with a mortgage broker from Deltos Finance can provide you with the personalized guidance and expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of securing the best mortgages for your unique situation.

Best Mortgages for First Time Buyers

Deltos Finance specializes in identifying the best mortgages for first-time buyers, ensuring you receive a financing solution that aligns with your financial goals and home ownership aspirations.

Buying First Investment Property

For those considering buying their first investment property, Deltos Finance offers valuable insights and support, helping you understand your financing options and the steps involved in making a successful investment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here's some of the most common questions we're asked. If you have a question that's not answered here, we'd love to hear from you.

If you’re a first home buyer, choosing between fixed and variable interest rates matters a lot. It depends on your risk tolerance and future financial plans. Fixed rate loans offer stability as your repayment amount will remain the same but can restrict access to certain loan features and make it more difficult to refinance in the future.

Variable rate offers more flexibility and can potentially save you money but are more volatile as your repayment amount could increase or decrease depending on market conditions. Speak with a mortgage broker about which choice is best suited for your situation.


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